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Gravie set to release ‘Lust in Love’

Monday, 22 November 2021

Kpagban Alderd Efeoheme with a stage name Gravie is set to release his first project titled “Just in Love” this week.


The album which was produced by Priceless Ambition Media promises to shake the music industry with well-written songs accompanied by great sounds.


Gravie, a Lagos-based performing artist and songwriter who hails from Delta State, Nigeria is a multi-talented creative artist, set off to draw the attention of the industry with his unique sound, soothing vibes and appealing personality.



In a world where everyone feels you are either in lust or in love Gravie creatively breaks the norm and portrays that we all could either be in lust or in love.


Each track on the project draws the attention of the listener to Gravie’s perspective on lust and love. It’s definitely a classic; a rare piece of art that will definitely appeals to the public's ears.



Talking about the first track BODY. Body is an alternative melodious piece with a slow-paced beat. The lyrics portray a conversation between the opposite genders, expressing their deep emotional, sexual and physical connections, while the second track D.M.N (Do Me Nice) is simply a chill vibe.”


Gravie shows off his ability to maturely blend his African “lamba” with Unique pop spices here and there. In his third track REWIND, this right here is something for the party people. An Amapiano based track that will definitely get you dancing from start to finish. From the beats to the lyrical composure, it’s literally the perfect dance-hall.


Track four is FEND. This is a track for the ladies to whine their pretty waistline. A blend of afrobeat with melodious sax lines. This mid tempo vibe is denitely a personal favorite, while the fifth track STRANDED is a pure love song, with lyrics showing deep and sincere emotional and romantic connections. The acoustic guitar melody and afrobeat percussion makes this a unique piece, one worth being on repeat.

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