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Benfica Signs landmark partnership with San Francisco Giants

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Portuguese football club, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, and Major League Baseball (MLB) team, San Francisco Giants, have announced the creation of a strategic partnership which aims to promote the exchange of expertise and know-how across the sports, business and technology sectors.

The landmark partnership will see both clubs collaborate on the development of joint initiatives, marketing campaigns, corporate programs, museum and cultural events, investment and joint-venture opportunities plus the organisation of exhibition matches.

The clubs will exchange best practices on and off the pitch with Benfica known for the work they have done in player development at their award-winning academy and the Giants recognised as leaders in technology and business innovation throughout the sports industry.

The new alliance follows the Giants joining the membership of the International Association of Sports Museums (ISMA). ISMA comprises museums and sports clubs that have an international outlook and possess a sizeable collection of historical sporting artifacts.

ISMA members believe the preservation of such historical memorabilia is a duty and ensures that sports fans can learn and appreciate their club’s roots, values and success.

Luís Filipe Vieira, President of SL Benfica, said of the partnership: “Both Benfica and San Francisco Giants share a proud history marked by many achievements and their considerable contribution to the development of sport.

“This partnership allows us to strengthen relations with one of the most iconic sports teams in the U.S., exchange ideas and experiences, and develop new strategies and programs that will benefit both clubs and engage more fans.”

Stephen Revetria, President of Giants Enterprises, added: “We are excited to partner with Sport Lisboa e Benfica and this collaboration will further allow us to connect our worlds of Sport & Tourism. We look forward to the exchange of ideas and cultural experiences between Lisbon and San Francisco and the development of strategic opportunities between our two storied franchises.”

The Giants are the first club to represent baseball and Major League Baseball (MLB) in ISMA, joining clubs such as Benfica, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Boca Juniors and the San Francisco 49ers, among others.

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