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Rugby Africa's U20 Barthés Trophy: Zambia record victory over Ugandan

Monday, 13 May 2019


For the first time Ghana, Zambia and Uganda participated in Rugby Africa's  Under-20 tournament, from 7th to 12th May, 2019, and competed for the open spot in Pool B for 2020. The final between Zambia and Uganda was extremely tight, but Zambia narrowly won the last match of the tournament, 14 to 12.

Pool C was a first for Rugby Africa and the participating federations. The three young teams had never competed, or at least for several years, and therefore, were starting from scratch. They gave us the opportunity to watch great play by enthusiastic players who entirely deserved their place in the competition.

This premiere was a success for both the Ugandan and Zambian teams. Uganda, an outstanding host of the competition, gave us three matches attended by great supporters who more than lived up to expectations. Ghana, however, struggled to find its place against these two teams.

This competition is also the first since Rugby Africa's recent association with Société Générale, official partner of the development of rugby in Africa. This represents a real advance for the image of African rugby and particularly for rugby among young people.

These three days of matches will be remembered as a veritable festival of African rugby where countries from the south, east and west were represented and demonstrated a promising future for the game in the seasons to come.
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