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Saudi takeover bid: Man Utd would make no better than ‘artificial clubs

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Manchester United are the most successful club in English football history, with 20 top flight titles. It is claimed Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman – said to be worth £850 billion– is interested in purchasing the Premier League giants to compete with the Abu Dhabi-based owners of Man City and PSG.

Former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan believes Manchester United’s self-built success is something to be proud of in the modern game and sets them apart from their top rivals.

And he believes it will be a dark day for English football if the Red Devils join the ‘ugly’ clubs and sell out to billion-pound investors.

Speaking to talkSPORT host Jim White, Jordan said: “There is something about Manchester United which reflects something very different from a lot of other clubs.

“I can’t help but look at PSG, Real Madrid with the Galacticos, Chelsea and Manchester City and think these are artificial clubs that have been built with other people’s money.

“I’m not talking about their fans, but people talk about the amount of money the Glazers have taken out of Manchester United, whereas Mansour has put a billion in Man City, Abramovich has put a billion in Chelsea and the Qataris have put whatever they have put into PSG.

“But United have built themselves out of their own turnover, which makes them a far more organic club than these other clubs.

 “There’s something ugly about PSG, there’s something ugly about the Galacticos at Real Madrid, while there is something beautiful about Barcelona and the way they played and the way they built.

“Man United don’t need the Glazers’ money to go and buy £70million players, but Chelsea and Man City do need this artificial stimulation of somebody saying to them, ‘today’s your lucky day, I’m going to fire a cannon of cash at you’.”

The former Selhurst Park chief added: “There is something about values, and not just boring, old, traditional, fart-like values, the reason why we have the best league in the world is not by chance, there’s something unique about our football and our culture, that’s why selling Wembley Stadium is an outrage.

“But taking away all of that and making it all about Middle Eastern, Asian or American money when we’ve got this Premier League business which is making £600million a year, it just upsets me a little bit.

 “Why do we need more Middle Eastern money in English football? Where is it going to take football and what does it say about football that the only thing that really matter now is money?

“That’s all it about now. Identities will be lost and I feel a little bit sad about it.”
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