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Why must Gboyega Oyetola be Osun Governor

Monday, 17 September 2018

By Toye Faleye


On September 22, the governorship crown hovering over Osun State’s political space will finally locate Alh. Gboyega Oyetola and find its resting place on his brass head. Then, the State of the Living Spring, as she is fondly called, would have made a safe landing; she would have been well deposited in the capable hands of a rare gem of extraordinary pedigree; an aficionado of good governance and advocate of international best practices who will adopt the world standard’s template to govern Osun.

You may ask; why does the crown fit Ileri Oluwa? Why must he steer the ship of the state now? Why is he the best candidate to continue as Governor Rauf Aregbesola bids the coveted seat farewell? These are best answered because Gboyega has traversed the arena of wisdom; the citadel of intelligence and the school of experience. His brain is superfluously stuffed to the brim with the right stuff; his brain is filled to near explosion having acquired superior academic laurels, while his capacity for governance is unassailable.

Gboyega is humane; and like humanists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow who believed that people are basically good and that their very nature is such that they could reach perfection – if all went right, he is willing and ready to deploy all democracy ingredients and facilitate decent environment which will result in fully functioning and elevated citizens who will transform Osun to a worthwhile level.

Gboyega, as the Chief of Staff to the serving Governor Aregbesola, is coming with an antecedent embedded in administrative gallantry and political sagacity necessary to sit Osun State on vantage point that will make her the envy of others.

As a Chief of Staff, he is conversant and abreast of the inner workings of government. Nothing is strange to him again; hence when he collects the mantle of leadership in September he takes the right steps and hits the ground running with undiminishing fervour. His duties as the Chief of Staff to the serving governor which demands that he overseas the members of the executive council; serves as the governor’s liaison with the state executive branch, as well as prepares the governor’s daily schedule have equipped him with what the governing of a state requires. So what else does one want in a candidate?

Gboyega is not a neophyte like his glamorous, empty, flamboyant loud-mouthed and larcenous opponents; some of who are greenhorns and kindergartners in the political firmament: they are befuddled of ideas to move Osun State forward now that the state desires enviable position. So never must it happen that the State of the Living Spring is left in the avaricious hand who will plunder her treasury and profligate with her funds.

As an insurer, Gboyega will radically strive to confront losses and liabilities that may rear their heads during the course of governance as the state navigates her way to a fair haven. He will secure the state to prevent or avoid collapse; indemnifying her against bankruptcy and insolvency. As an insurer, Gboyega will not only be concerned about where the state is heading in the future, he will strategize for both the present and future darts to ensure that Osun State stands on a solid ground. He will be proactive. Ileri Oluwa as an insurer will be affable, calculative, strategic, forward-looking, meticulous, parsimonious, farsighted, indefatigably dependable and forthright.

His fabulous academic attainment is another extremely powerful weapon he wields. This academic pilgrimage saw him being tutored in one of the Ivy League universities in Nigeria (University of Lagos) where he bagged a bachelor’s degree in Insurance, after which he got an MBA in Finance. He is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute London and Nigeria. He, as well, is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.

He has shown previously that he is a genius in administrative matters having been Assistant Manager-Area Manager, Control Office, Lagos of Leadway Assurance Company where he cut his teeth as an insurer after his Youth Corps service in Maiduguri in 1980. He is on the board of many companies, and at Crusader Insurance he was Underwriting Manager. He was also Controller Technical at Corporate Alliance Insurance. He set up Silvertrust Insurance Brokers in 1990 and was Executive Vice Chairman of Dragon Group of Companies with interest in oil and gas, real estate and stock broking.

With Gboyega the continuity of the policies and programmes of the All Progressives Congress party (APC) as executed with fastidiousness by Governor Aregbesola is guaranteed. At least voting him as the next governor assures every citizen that projects already in the pipeline will not be abandoned, and that policy reversal and summersault will not hold sway during his regime.

For exemplary and lofty deeds that the person of Oyetola parades, let the citizens of Osun State begin to bask ahead in the euphoria of profound accomplishments. Let them know that in Ileri Oluwa, they are set for socio-political and economic Eldora do; they are set to witness insurance cum managerial governance and politicking encapsulated in service, servanthood and the emancipation of humanity.

Ileri Oluwa, Gboyega’s cognominal name, is pregnant with meaning and as well metaphorical, assuring of the promise of God which is set to be handed down to Osun people. The promise of God is a message of hope, breakthrough, victory, uplift and triumph. Gboyega is the promise of God delivered. By giving him the mandate on September 22, the Osun citizens would have made the right choice as they choose this grassroots politician; a philanthropic extraordinaire; a person of impeccable personality; a 100 percent reincarnate of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo; and an astute politician of note in the picture of the Tanzanian Julius Nyerere.

Oyetola is a person of incredible ardour; a succour to the oppressed and the deprived; a beacon to the downtrodden and a girdle to the weak; an altruist whose interest transcends the narrowness of creed and selfishness. He is bent on bringing immense pride to the citizens of Osun State both at home and in the Diaspora.

On September22 cast your vote for Gboyega Oyetola as governor and he will empty his armoury of leadership excellence and unleash his well-stocked arsenal of political agility to lift Osun State to an admirable height.

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