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2018 WORLD CUP: France receive $38m, Croatia get $28m from pool of $400m

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) organizers of the World Cup has announced the distribution of the 2018 Russia World Cup prizes from a pool totalling a huge sum of $400 million as 2018 World Cup reward.

France, the 2018 Russia World Cup winner will take home a princely sum of $38 million representing 9.5% of the pull sum of $400 million available as total prize money to be shared among the 32 teams that feature in the Russia 2018 tourney concluded rexcently bin Russia.

The first runner-up, Croatia will take home the second most handsome prize money of $28 Million representing 7% while Belgium in the third place as 2nd runner-up is rewarded with $24 million or 6% and England in the fourth position gets $22 million or 5.5%  all of the total prize money as their respective World Cup prizes.

The four quarter finalists made up of Brazil, Sweden, Russia and Uruguay will each pocket the sum of $18 million.  This translates that the four countries here 5th-8th positions share $64 million or 16% of the total prize money.

In the same vein, the eight countries who made it up to the second round of the game each picks a cheque of $12 million for their efforts. In other words, 9th – 16th positions share $96 million or 24% of the total prize package. These countries include Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and Argentina. Others include Mexico, Switzerland, Colombia and Japan.

The group Stage dropouts which by more are more in number including Nigeria will be rewarded with the sum of $8 million each. This category featuring 17th -32nd positions, shares $128 million or 32% of the total princely reward for the 2018 World Cup participants. These countries numbering 16 include, of course, Nigeria, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, Australia and Peru.

Others in this category with the lowest prize money are Iceland, South Kores, Serbia, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Panama, Poland and Senegal.

Credit: Brandcrunch, with additional reports from and publicnotice

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