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Deepening crises rock NATOP ahead of AGM in Jos

Thursday, 5 April 2018
Nkereuwem Onung, NATOP President

All may not be well in the ranks of the National Association of Tour Operators (NATOP) ahead of its forthcoming elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to hold next Monday in Nigeria’s home of peace and tourism, Jos, Plateau State.

Members of the body are at loggerheads with the executives of the association following perceived irregularities on the body’s forthcoming elections at the AGM.

The source alleges that there is a plot to foist the present General Secretary of the body, Ime Udo of Leadway tours on the association as its new President.

Another point of dissatisfaction that has led to the current crisis according to the source is the failure of the body’s executives to present an audited account for the past eight years it has been in office. According to the source, an unapproved auditor was used to do a rushed audit account which was not released to members14 days before the AGM as constitutionally stipulated.

The source further alleges that the body’s executives are keen to hang on to power because of the regular financial support from bodies like South African Tourism and state governments such as Cross River State. He adds “Plateau State is providing money for a conference but so far, there has been no accountability or transparency from the association’s executives.”

So far, aggrieved members of the association have threatened to boycott AGM as well as seek legal redress if the executives of the association carry out the planned AGM next week.

Investigations reveal that Nkereuwem Onung who runs Remlord Tours has been the President of the association for the past eight years whereas the constitution of the association allows for a maximum of two terms of two years each.

Other alleged irregularities include that the AGM been publicized on social media did not come to the notice of members of the association until a month ago. There is an allegation that the Executive Secretary and President of the association have been hiding the general membership list because they do not want the general members to have access to each other or share notes so they blind copy members during mail updates.

In addition, it was alleged that the association’s Executives went to Abuja to secretly inaugurate an Abuja chapter based on the false idea that new people will be conveyed to Jos to vote for Imeh on the assumption that most of the Lagos based operators won’t make it out of anger or short notice.

All efforts to reach the President of the association on the issue were abortive. When Vice President of the association, Muyiwa Salami of Divine Tours was contacted, he claimed to have been away for a long time and has no idea of happenings at the moment.

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