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National Jackpot Studio bill to host Squeeze Tarela on Sunday

Friday, 16 March 2018


The National Jackpot studio this Sunday 18th March will turn into a reggae dancehall before the Jackpot draw of 16.5million Naira, as Tarela Henry Ekaye known as Squeeze Tarela takes the stage to entertain a live audience.

The Afro-fusion artiste and song-writer Squeeze Tarela is expected among other things to thrill Lottery lovers with his songs and use the Jah Rastafari lyrics to prepare their minds for the winning of the 16.5million Naira Jackpot prize.

Just as it is believed in the reggae circle, by Bob Marley, “We Jah people can make it work.” “I don't stand for black man's side, I don't stand for white man's side, I stand for God's side.” I don't stand for white or black", we in Give'n'Take stand for only making people live their dreams, by playing little and winning big.

Audience at the live draw is expected to be thrilled by Squeeze Tarela's songs like "Better", 'Hottest thing", "Rubber Waist" and “Showers of "Blessings", which we believe 16.5million Jackpot prize will bring to the eventual winner this Sunday.

Join Segun Arinze and Linda Osifo by 6:30 pm for the live draw of the Game show on WAP TV or any of our live channels on Facebook and YouTube with live radio broadcast by Greetings 105.7FM Abuja.

The play is available through MPOS through agents nationwide, our mobile app, downloadable at or via our web play, by logging in to our website at

In addition, players can play through Quickteller and ATM machines or our newly introduced USSD platform. Simply dial *554*55# or *347*55# to play

Attendance to the Sunday game show is free and it is on first come first serve basis.

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