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Leaders must be accountable to the followers - Honourable Olatunji

Thursday, 4 January 2018
Honorable 'Tunde Olatunji 


A distinguished lawmaker representing Ife North State Constituency in Osun State, Honorable 'Tunde Olatunji has said that everyone in the leadership position must be accountable to the followers.

Honourable Olatunji who said this yesterday while sending his year 2018 message to Nigerians said when it comes to leadership it cut across all sectors not only in governance, emphasising that religious bodies, governments and private organizations among others should be accountable to their followers.

He said that Nigerians should know that this is the only nation we have, stating that we need to be patriotic and restore our lost values in the country.

"We can’t promote this nation without the core values that drive us as a nation. Even when you have a constitution, it is still that core values that will drive your constitution. As a people, we must stand for what is right and do it rightly. We must ensure that the development and success of our society come first. We need to do away with every tendency that tends to divide us along ethnic and religion line. We must see ourselves as brothers and sisters and ensure we promote the unity of this country, and do everything within our capacity to make sure we restore the lost glory of this country," he said.

According to him, if we cease the opportunity of the crop of leaders that we have today in Nigeria, we would be on the part of steady growth and development and 2018 will be far better compared to 2017.

Honourable Olatunji urged all Nigerians to come together this year and move the country forward, adding that no nation can develop beyond the commitment and patriotism of his people.

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