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FIFA gives NFF clean bill of health on finances

Saturday, 20 January 2018


World football –governing body, FIFA, has handed the Nigeria Football Federation clean bill of health on its finances, following diligent application of best practices in its financial management.

NFF 2nd Vice President/Chairman of Strategic Studies Committee, Shehu Dikko announced this in Lagos recently.

“This further justifies our decision, on coming on board, to have Financial Derivatives as our financial consultants and PriceWaterHouse Coopers as our auditors. They have worked hard to straighten us on the path of best practices and we have also done well to conform to those tenets.

“This makes us very proud. Transparency and accountability have been our watchwords right from inception and we are happy to be, in a sense, certificated on this. Even the money from the sponsorship agreement with Coca-Cola will go Financial Derivatives and its application monitored by our auditors, PWC.”
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