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Man City launches Football Striker on Facebook Messenger

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Manchester City’s Facebook Messenger Instant Game comes following a successful couple of seasons in which the Club not only introduced official platforms on Apple News, Amazon Fire TV and Dugout, but launched a new, global fan engagement platform and continued to see its eSports activity develop and progress around the world.

Commenting on Manchester City’s commitment to uncovering innovative and creative digital fan engagement opportunities, Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing Officer for City Football Group, said: “We are constantly introducing unique ways for our local and global fan base to connect with Manchester City via exclusive content across a broad spectrum of digital platforms.

“With over 27 million followers on Facebook, our social media network represents one of our most important means of reaching our fans and providing them with the content they want to enjoy. Facebook Messenger Instant Games is another way for us to connect with our fans and we look forward to seeing how this new digital offering could grow.”

Bozena Rezab, CEO and Co-founder of Gamee, who collaborated with Manchester City on the production of the Club’s new Facebook Instant Game feature, added: “Manchester City’s commitment to digital innovation is truly making a mark on the world of sport. To see a football club offer a suite of engaging apps, push the boundaries with VR and even host hackathons is unheard of. It was a fantastic experience to work with such an innovative team; Manchester City is definitely one to watch and I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.”
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