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Hacks for giving perfect gift this holiday season

Friday, 15 December 2017

The right gift can open doors and be the catalyst for great mutual and business relationships. They extremely reflect the strength of your relationship with the recipients. As such, you should not get gifting wrong. These rules will help you become a good gift giver.

Know the person
The most important thing in the exchanging of gifts is it shows that you really know the person well, and you really care about them. That generally means tailoring the gift to the recipient. As a rule of thumb, don't buy the same gift for two of their friends even if those friends don't know each other.

Give experiential gifts, not objects
If you can, give experiences rather than items. People who receive experiential gifts, such as concert or festival tickets, feel more connected to the gift giver than people who received material items.

Consider the cost
The cost of a gift definitely matters in most cases. Ask yourself if your gift corresponds to what the recipient expects. Reflect on the person’s expectations before you choose a gift. Gift giving can also bring negative feelings for both the giver and recipient. A person can immediately feel resentment if they feel the giver has not spent enough. In other situations, the gift need not be expensive.

Match the gift to the occasion
Although there are generic gifts, there are certain events that you have to gift according to the occasion. A rare occasion calls for an especially thoughtful gift, while a birthday gift can be much less costly.

Make it personal
The packaging of a good gift can also go a long way. If you intend to give a pair of shoes, you shoe add a stack of socks or accompanying a gift with a heartwarming note.
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