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National Jackpot: Lottery jackpot rollover to 33.7m

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


The National Jackpot Week 20 record-breaking prize of 33.2Million naira was left unclaimed, meaning players will win 33.7Million naira in Week 21 rollover prize this Sunday.

Give’n’Take announced the increased rollover prize of 33.7Million Naira as the 33.2Million for Week 20 is yet to be won and in the tradition and rules of National Jackpot, the prize will keep increasing until a winner emerges.

Bear in mind that the National Jackpot money must be won, as all ticket bought from 1st of October 2017 remains valid until the end of 2017 if no Jackpot winner emerges.

So far over 18000 persons have won prizes at the Weekly National Jackpot Draw and Players who won other prizes at the Week 20 Jackpot Draw are urged to redeem their winnings without delay.  At the Week 20, one Ramma Moses Nnoruka won over 920,000 naira via our web play.

Sokoto State at the Week 20 Draw emerged the State Powerball with Jackpot combination numbers of 14-25-16-06-24, while the duo of Shifi Emoefe and Zeal Onyecheme of Stly-Plus group thrilled audience during the Game show.

Four lucky people in the audience equally smiled home with 20,000 Naira each in instant audience game with winning ticket numbers of 510, 501, 556 and 633.

Play is available through any of our channels which include, MPOS via our agents nationwide, our mobile app, downloadable at, or via our web play. In addition, players can play through Quickteller and ATM machines.

Aside from the National Jackpot, Give'n'Take offers a variety of other instant games like Dream, Crown, King, Climax and Best.

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