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ICRA to hold national conference

Sunday, 17 September 2017

From Odigbo Chdinma, Enugu

The Igbo Christian Restoration Assembly (ICRA) has organized its 3rd national conference to look into growing concerns about the future of the Igbo people and to promote the revival of the body of Christ in Igbo land.

The venue for the conference which will hold from the 3rd to the 5th of October is Emmaus House, Awka, Anambra State and the theme for this year is ‘restoring the Glory of God in Igbo land through the church’

Once looked upon as one of the most vibrant and progressive ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Igbo nation is today infested with corruption, armed robbery, ritual killings, political uncertainty, betrayals, youth uprising, drug addiction, all leading to an uncertain future.

It is against this backdrop that ICRA organized a national conference which will focus on such areas as: the necessity for value re-orientation, creating a new Igbo foundation: lessons from the Jews, connecting to the youth in the South East region- challenges and opportunities.

Other issues that will be discussed include: Maintaining a spiritually healthy Igbo Christian community through effective conflict resolution, empowering the people financially through entrepreneurship and succession planning as key to leadership sustainability. 

To put the Igbo race back on track, ICRA proposes a ten- year value re-orientation empowerment and development strategy for rediscovering these values and socially engineering the mindset of the people.

ICRA is a body that sets out to plan and implement a long term development strategy for the refinement, preservation and promotion of God’s value system in Igbo land through partnership with the church body. Government agencies, academic institutions and non governmental agencies.

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