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Don’t you think we need OOH specialized creative teams?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kingsley  Onwukaeme

With the advent of technology, I suppose we should have be at the point of competing effectively with western world in deploying impactful and engaging OOH campaigns.

It is appalling that the level of creative input in OOH campaigns has been the same as at my time of undergraduate and now as Senior strategist/Planner.

In the years past, it has always been still images and texts on billboards. Now, it is also still images and texts on Digital OOH. The best we can get is a GIF or deploying 10sec TVC on an LED structure which is a clear example of under-utilization.

It is a fact that OOH is a strong channel in driving awareness campaign.Now, how about making OOH impactful and engaging? Are we not looking for a way to make OOH more relevant beyond the high accolades it already have today?

What are we not doing right? We might still be struggling to solve the problem of accountability and measurability which impact and engagement, can form part of the solution.

How many campaign strategies have we developed across the table with the creative team?

As an OOH senior executive, I have been caught up severally in a situation of receiving creatives plus briefs to plan deployment within the next 2 weeks. Why putting us at the last part of the process?

Due to this short time and already concluded content, our ideas on maximizing the potentials of OOH structures in delivering impact and engagement is killed.
I believe it will not be a bad idea to have a bespoke OOH creative team especially with the advent of Digital OOH. A team that develops contents solely for OOH campaigns. A team with OOH background and understanding.

Let us look at this. A credit card company advertising its stress-free payment process through QR Code scan displayed the campaign on the LED structure at Lekki-Toll gate, Lagos-Nigeria. This campaign could have been more impactful and engaging if they did live transmission of the slow-moving traffic at toll-gate with a message “Why go through this life of struggle? …EASYPASS IT”.

Imagine the reactions of the commuters seeing themselves and the vehicles in the traffic live on the LED Screen. With the installed camera on the screen it is easy to tell the reach at that location and measure the impact and engagement of this particular campaign.

In sum, developing content that connects, impact and engage requires an understanding of the OOH media landscape, behaviour of the Target Group, competitive insight, and research pattern.We cannot achieve more if we do not drive campaigns as a team.

It is time we sat in a room to brainstorm that brief. It is time we shared images of supposed sites with the creative team to come up with bespoke creatives for selected structures.

We can do more with deeper thinking…

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