CDD gives Buhari passmark in governance

By Toye Faleye

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), in its newly released mid term evaluation entitled: Buharimeter Mid-Term Report signed by its Director, Idayat Hassan, has awarded President Muhammadu Buhari 57 percent approval rating. The group, among its findings, acknowledged that President Buhari improved in his second year in office. 

It however advised the administration to be more holistic in its governance by focusing not only on anti-corruption and insecurity, but on the health, education and other sectors instrumental to national development.

The report, which provides independent and systematic assessment of the performance of the incumbent administration against its 222 campaign promises, noted that ministers who were not appointed until November 2015 began work in year two.

The report observed that Buhari breaks five of its campaign promises among which is the commitment to end medical tourism, where the President himself has embarked on medical trip twice to attend to his ailing health condition.

It observed the administration has also failed to provide steady power supply to Nigerians between 12 and 18 months when it came to power, adding that the building of one million new houses a year over the next decades; and the immediate increase of the national budget to the health sector from 5.5% to 10% have yet to be achieved by Buhari.

However, CCD report noted that the Buhari Administration achieved seven of its campaign promises during its first two years which include the public declaration of assets and liabilities; presentation of National Anti-Corruption Strategy through establishing good working relationship with the states governments in the North-east, neighbouring countries and the international community in the fight against Boko Haram; introduction of time-limited partial amnesty to rank and file of Boko Haram members; review of health policy; introduction of social insurance scheme; and review of the structure of Joint Venture Companies and ensuring transparent tendering process not managed by federal ministers.

The report observed that there have been several violations of human rights due process and lack of respect for the rule of law since the administration came to power, sighting its refusal to release the retired colonel Sambo Dasuki, Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat.

It added the laxity of the administration in responding to several violent conflicts erupting across the country is a source of concern, noting that the inability to translate several monetary and fiscal policies to economic growth and development in the last two years raises some concern.

CCD’s report revealed that in spite of measures taken to tackle the economic recession, most Nigerians do not believe the approaches are effective as only 17% and 1% of them consider government’s approach to tackling the economic recession very effective and extremely effective respectively, while 46% and 36% of surveyed Nigerians consider the government approach somewhat effective.

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