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Birmingham City launch improved online experience

Friday, 21 July 2017


Green 4 enable Birmingham City FC to improve online fan engagement by creating fan focused website.

Birmingham City FC has worked with Green 4 to improve their online fan engagement by creating their new fan focused website.

The personalised club website has been developed by Green 4’s digital team, using a tight integration from the Green 4 Go CRM system. This enables the website to recognise the visitor and provides a personalised web experience including personalised content for the fan.

A conversation is enabled between the CRM platform and the website - known data about the fan is fed from the CRM system into the website, so that personalised content for each individual fan is displayed.

Birmingham City FC have led the way with personalised websites for Season Ticket campaigns in previous years and have developed the industry leading Blues Loyalty programme – all managed from the Green 4 single platform solution – Go. They are also taking full advantage of the expertise and best practices offered by the Green 4 Go+ managed service.

Birmingham City Marketing Manager, Jessica Taylor, explained: “The new website is a natural extension of what Green 4 have provided to us previously.

“We will be able to include Blues Loyalty within the new website rather than it being a separate portal so fans can have a really unique experience each time they login.”

To ensure that the website doesn’t become stagnant, Green 4 will work with the club throughout the year on developments and enhancements so that their website remains progressive in creating a compelling digital journey for their fans.

Garry Adamson, Managing Director at Green 4, notes: “We’re really excited about the launch of this fan focused website and are delighted to be involved in pushing the next level of online fan engagement for Birmingham City Football Club.

“We are committed to creating compelling digital journeys for our customer’s fans and look forward to innovating with the club to ensure that their website continues to be at the cutting edge.”
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