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466 consolations prizes won in Give ‘n’ Take lottery

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A total of 466 consolation prizes have been won at this week NATIONAL JACKPOT GAMESHOW Live of  Give’n’Take Lottery, although no Jackpot winner emerged, with the Jackpot number of 02-06-28-30-36 and Kogi as the Power Ball state.

It is expected that the National Jackpot prize for Sunday July 16th will be announced on Tuesday, 11th July 2017, after computation of the rollover amount. 

On the M-lottery platform, a total of 304 players won various consolation prizes through our various agents nationwide, while 162 persons who played via our mobile app/web platform, won consolation prizes making it a total of 466 persons who won various sums in July 9th National Jackpot Game Show.

Commenting on the credibility and transparency of the National Jackpot, the Assistant Director, Regulation and Monitoring, National Lottery Regulatory Commission Mr Yagba Tsav said that playing the lottery was panacea to national development.

He made this known at the third edition of the lottery draw organized by Give n Take National Lottery Company held in Abuja on Monday.

According to him, when you lottery, what you are doing is that you are contributing to national development.

`` In the United Kingdom, 75 percent of the population play lottery for the reason that they are contributing something to their national development.

``Let Nigerians take a cue from this and harness the benefits that are accruable,” Tsav said.

He noted that 20 percent of lottery proceeds went to the government trust fund for development of infrastructure.

While encouraging Nigerians to participate in the game, Tsav said when anyone played the lottery, he stood the chance to win.

 ``You either win the National jackpot or you win the consolation prices, so we are distributing wealth to ordinary Nigerians.

``The people who play lottery are essentially ordinary people; we want to distribute wealth to them,” he said.

According to him, the game of lottery has arrived Nigeria saying that what `Give n Take` jackpot is giving to Nigerians was another level of acquiring wealth.

``With Give n Take, we are going to see bigger things.

``The National Lottery Regulatory Commission is behind this company, we are doing our regulatory assignment. We are making sure that everything is going on well and Nigerians will enjoy this game,” he said.

Also speaking, one of the company’s ambassadors who is also a Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo encouraged Nigerians to keep playing the game noting that the number of times one could play was unlimited.

Present at the event was another Nollywood actor, Mr Nobert Young who noted that ``lottery served as a great opportunity to make some good money for investment which was a form of empowerment.”

``You must just keep trying to win big,” he said.

On his part, the Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga popularly known as `M.I` who thrilled the audience with his song said ``his mind was blown away” by the entire production.

`` The audience is life, what really blew me away was the production. The team is amazing. This is really a great job. It is a good thing that is inspiring young Nigerians.

``It is entertaining but more to that, it is a world class organisation running a programme and I am very proud to be here.

``It is an opportunity that could change anyone’s life at any point in life. The lottery commission is here to show that it is legitimate. It is open to anybody and anybody can win anytime. It is a great opportunity,” he said.

The National Jackpot prize for the coming Sunday will be announced tomorrow after computation of the roll over, but bear in mind that it is going to be above Last Sunday National Jackpot Prize of 19.1 Million.

Players are urged to play and win the National Jackpot through any of our channels, i.e. via our agents or via our mobile app/website at

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