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Britain under attack: 22 killed, 50 injured as explosion rocks Manchester

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

By Toye Faleye


Manchester Arena Tuesday came under devastating explosion that left 22 people dead as 50 others sustained heavy injuries.

Report says Arena was full of children as young fans of Ariana Grande filed out in their large numbers to watch one of their favourite pop stars.

There was a blast followed by chaos as children fled in panic, while parent were frantically  searching for their kids.

The suicide bomb had ripped through foyer of the Manchester Arena.
Eye witness account says, people were injured by being trampled upon as they tried to escape.

Grande has just finished her sold-out gig, releasing giant pink balloons from the ceiling as part of the finale when the bomb went off.

It was not clear whether the blast was the handiwork of terrorists.

Video footage showed people fleeing in tears from the venue after bangs rang out immediately after the concert finished.

Manchester Arena is the largest indoor arena opened in 1995 and has capacity for 21,000 people.

Meanwhile US President, Donald Trump, has condemned the attack saying, "So many young, beautiful, innocent people... enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers," Trump says after meeting Palestinian President, Mahmud Abbas.

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