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Rio Ferdinand seeks solace in alcohol

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Toye Faleye
After losing his wife to breast cancer, Former England player, Rio Ferdinand, has resorted to heavy drinking as a coping strategy to dealing with depression, loneliness and emotional trauma confronting him, admitting that his wife’s death has turned him to alcohol.

He also revealed that he gained a new understanding for suicidal people as he struggled to raise the three children, Lorenze, 10-year-old,Tate, eight-year-old and Tia, five-year-old, all  born to him by Rebecca, alone.

Speaking about the loss for the first time, Rio says: “You realise playing football was a… walk in park compared to telling your kids their mum isn’t coming back. I’ve never had to do something so hard, so emotionally draining and testing. .. Ferdinand says the challenges of having to cope with the situation is enormous, saying the challenges made him understand why some people get so low as to think of committing suicide. “It’s a lonely dark place,” he says.

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