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Lagos Lagoon Suicide: How depression could cause suicide - victim

Thursday, 23 March 2017
The SUV that Orji left behind before jumping into Lagoon

By Toye Faleye

Following the death of the late doctor Allwell Orji Chiawolamoke, who committed suicide by jumping into the Lagoon last Sunday as a result of depression, a woman who was a victim of the ailment has recounted her ordeal.

The woman, who does not want her name in print, explained that victims of depression don’t fear any danger when affected by the deadly disease.  “Nothing scares them because of what they are passing through. They could kill themselves, run into vehicles, jump into the river, drink poison or bathe themselves with acid, you could even be hearing voices, thinking that everything happening to you is normal, whereas they are under sever attack of depression,” she says.

The fair complexioned lady, in her 30’s, who lives in Ogun State explained further that when she took ill of the disease, she was always alone, motionless, moody, reserved, isolated and indoors.

“Sometimes I felt everybody should just die, or that I should kill everyone. I contracted the ailment when I was between 27 and 28 years,” adding: “Depression changed my genotype from AS to AA and my blood group from 0+ to 0-

“Then,” she continued: “I could have severe headache and chest pain in one part of my body, so much so that, the entire part of the body that was affected by both headache and chest pain might be struck by paralysis for a while as a result of which I would have a short nap between two seconds. That short nap was always like deep sleep. Besides, I was also diagnosed of asthma. So many other diseases could accompany depression.”

“So for the doctor who jumped into the lagoon, something deep might have happened to him which he could not explain to anybody. Depression is caused by a crisis which you will not want to explain to any other person except your close confidant.”

According to her: “My parents divorced each other, and then I always thought that the future was bleak and hopeless, and that my mother would not be able to shoulder the responsibility of taking proper care, or educating us children alone. Besides, I saw the divorce of my parents as a stigma; hence I was always thinking that getting married would be difficult for me.

“It was then depression set in, during which if somebody or a lot of people were with me, I might not see or feel them, and it was not that I was blind. The whole thing would just go blank, my brain would become cloudy and the entire surrounding would look dark. So I will advise that for any disagreement between spouses, divorce is never the solution.”

Asked how she was treated, she said that her doctor brother organized for therapists who treated her at renown hospitals in the country, and ever since being treated she has become normal.

It will be recalled that the medical doctor (Orji), who jumped into the lagoon last Sunday was said to be nursing depression which was why his parent placed him under close watch.

Orji was said to have received a call indicating that he failed a certain vital examination that would qualify him further in his profession. Orji was also said to be in his 30 had not married.

On the day the incident happened, report had it that Orji was in his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) on his way to Lagos Island at about 4pm that fateful Sunday when he had a phone call.

It was learnt that not long after the call, he allegedly instructed his driver to park the vehicle at the Adekunle end of the Lagoon and he came out of the vehicle, walked to the railings only to jump into the Lagoon.
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