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Don makes case for improved education system

Sunday, 26 February 2017

From Gideon Arinze, Nsukka

A professor of History, University of Texas, Toyin Falola has stressed the need to diversify the education system in order to improve the nation’s economy and compete favourably in the global community.

He made this known while delivering the keynote address at the 1st distinguished lecture of the faculty of Arts, the University of Nigeria Nsukka which held recently.

The Prof who spoke on the topic “Contemporary challenges of Higher Education in Nigeria, also said that Universities have a role to raise critical citizens and develop the leadership potentials of students.

“The world is changing rapidly, indeed just like a fast moving train and you can only retain your position if and only if you keep updating your knowledge, skill and experience” he said adding that the need to become compliant with the changes in technology in other not to be left behind and missing out on the progress accomplishments is relevant.

According to him, we must think and actively do something to help young adults’ men and women acquire a relevant and through education that positions them as full citizens and prepares them to find fitting jobs that will utilise their skills sets and education.

“If the youth are to be well integrated into the society, and the emerging economies, an active citizenry has to be united to develop a united country, democracy accountability and a diversified economy”.

He also said that many students have become pliant and timid and generally indifferent to poor governance the incompetence of leaders and failure or lack of infrastructure existing around them.

“the perennial problems of our country, such as inadequate funding and educational infrastructure, inadequate classrooms lack of teaching aid and low quality teachers is well known.

Also speaking on the way forward, the prof said that the universities must be insulated from politics and other negative tendencies associated with the ruling elites struggles for political power.

“The knowledge our university system imparts on our citizens should validate its purpose in so far as the ultimate goal is to liberate us from both mental colonisation and global subservience" he stated, adding that the country has what it takes to evolve its own public education culture that can possibly propel the nation much faster forward than it is currently doing.           

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