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Lagosians in last minute's buying

Saturday, 31 December 2016


By our reporter

(Lagos-Nigeria) Checks in and around markets and shopping malls across Lagos have shown residents' engagement in last minute's purchase of household items ahead of the coming year that is less than ten hours.

Some of the items include food stuffs, ready made clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia that are necessary for the celebration of the New Year.

Despite the turbulent economic period 2016 witnessed, some still found it necessary to have a low-key celebration in appreciation of God's protection through out the year.

Prior to the festive period, prices of all the commodities have risen more than hundred per cent, a situation that presented difficulty for most Nigerians.

The situation was compounded by high price of rice, a staple food in most homes due to exchange rate, and the recent onslaught by the Nigeria Customs to stop importation of rice through the nation's boarders.

A visit to Oshodi, CMS, Obalende, Agege, Kute and other markets confirmed heavy vehicular movements as a result of huge number of people that thronged the markets despite strangulating prices of most items at the market.

Also, major shopping malls were not left out as they played host to array of visitors to buy one item or the other. For instance, Shoprite at the Palm, Ota, Ogun State received unprecedented  number of visitors buying items of their choices.

The crowded premises of Shoprite and the resultant long queues for the payment of the item was enough to discourage any buyer, but Lagosians were not deterred and they waited patiently for their turn.

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