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Four reasons budget travelers should visit Ebonyi State

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Hotel Geneza

Created in 1996, and as such considered one of the youngest states in Nigeria, Ebonyi state certainly cannot be counted first among the most popular states in the southeast region of Nigeria. From its serene environment and greenery to the variety of local foods and of course, the rich culture. However, visitors are bound to have a thrill exploring the locales. In an interview with Ogechi Kalu, the manager of Hotel Geneza – one of the largest hotels in the state’s capital, Abakiliki, Jumia Travel discovers 5 reasons budget travelers need to visit the city popularly referred to as the “Salt of the Nation”.

Tourist sites for adventurous travelers to explore

There are not so many tourist sites in Ebonyi, and the few available are mostly scenic locations. A popular site is the Okposi Salt Lake, it exemplifies why Ebonyi is called “the salt of the nation”. You find a lot of salt traders there. Others include the Abakaliki Green Lake which is found inside the Ebonyi State Government House, Abakaliki Greater Rice Husks, and the Abakaliki Golf Course for those who love to play golf.

Affordable hotels
Accommodation can be a huge factor for budget travelers when considering costs. In Ebonyi state, it is easy to get an affordable hotel, with some rooms in these hotels going for as low as N2,000 a night. Hotel Geneza is one of the best hotels for budget travelers because it is affordable and the facility is basically designed to give the guest absolute satisfaction; every visitor is sure to feel at home even if in reality, they are far from home. The hotel offers 24hrs power supply, internet access, and a bar and restaurant onsite. Also, security is a big deal as there are cameras around the compound and guards at almost every corner.

Variety of local cuisines
Ebonyi state is the perfect destination for budget travelers who are foodies as there are a number of local cuisines that would appeal to travelers taste buds. Again, travelers can absolutely eat so much with so little as these meals are very affordable. Most restaurants, especially the local bukkas around the city, even the ones in hotels have main meals for as low as NGN500 on their menu.

Friendly locals
Ebonyi is a peaceful area. The locals are very friendly and hospitable, as such, travelers get to experience firsthand the lifestyle and culture of the people. For those looking to relocate, employment is easily found among the locals.

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