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Sports Marketing Surveys release fresh football facts

Monday, 14 November 2016


The following Football Facts are taken from SMS INC.’s International Participation Report, covering adult and junior participation in a range of sports.

This report is conducted across 21 countries over a 2 year cycle. The 2015 report covers countries such as Brazil, China and Russia. The 2014 wave covers The UK, USA, Australia and 7 other countries.

•       Football attracts 3.5% of adult females in the UK (For comparison – Cricket 1.3% and Hockey 0.5%)
•       Football peaks in popularity among 6-13s with more than a third playing#

From this point it declines steadily to 13% at age 18, holding steady between 25 and 44, and falling finally to less than 1% only at age 65.

•       There is an overall average play frequency of 37 times a year, giving a total number of 194 million annual play occasions.

•       Young footballers are the most frequent players in the UK, averaging around 50 times per year up to the age of 18, after which play frequency drops sharply to 20-30 times a year.

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