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Five ways to deal with party gatecrashers

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hosting a party be it a wedding or birthday party is a herculean and painstaking task. You have to provide food, security and even shelter for your guests. Generally, you just want the day pass by smoothly without any hiccups. However, as typical of parties in a city like Lagos, you can scarcely host a gig without somebody gatecrashing. After all, your party is not a free for all and if you ignore them, the gatecrasher acts like a legitimate guest, eating, and drinking indiscriminately. And before you know it, foods, and drinks are all exhausted. You will be surprised that even your invited guests haven’t eaten while the gatecrasher who has eaten is carting away everything he could lay his hand on.

This can be very frustrating. At Jumia Travel, we recognize that party gatecrashers are a pain must be checked. We gather five ways to firmly deal with them. Importantly, don’t judge a gatecrasher by their appearance. Nigeria is in a recession, that even a handsome looking man could be a gatecrasher. And also, not all gatecrasher necessarily come for the food.

Plan ahead

You should always expect gatecrashers at your party because they will always come around. You are the one that will determine the outcome of your party by putting impregnable measures in place to stop these gatecrashers.

Hire security men

Don’t organize a party without a level of security presence. This will send a signal to gatecrashers that they are not welcomed. And most times parties are disrupted by gatecrashers. When your valuables go missing, it is very likely it has been snatched by an uninvited guest.  Thus, ensure that the security men or bouncers work throughout the duration of the party. These gatecrashers usually come around when entry to the party is relaxed.

Use no IV, No entry

Inform your invited guests they should come with their invitation card. Don’t compromise this conviction except you can identify them which you may probably not have time for. You can add that the IV admits 5 people because Nigerians always come with their friends or families.

Ask them to leave

There is no way you can stop all gatecrashers from accessing your party. At the same time, you can identify them via their sometimes embarrassing actions. Don’t hesitate to ask them who they are. If they can give you a concrete or convincing answer, politely ask them to leave. If they refuse, call your security men to kick him out.

Today wristbands are used to grant access to a club or music party. So, whoever is not wearing the wristband is automatically a gatecrasher or an uninvited guest.
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