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Falconets join anti- violence campaign train

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Players of the U20 Women National Team, Falconets on Tuesday evening in Papua New Guinea, joined millions of sportsmen and women around the globe in issuing red card to violence through the #ENDviolence campaign.

The #Endviolence campaign, which has been going round the camps of the 16 countries participating in this year's FIFA U20 Women's World Cup, seeks to raise awareness and create sporting champions who will speak up against violence towards women and children.

The filming of the campaign done by the poolside of the Crowne Plaza hotel, saw Falconets players’ chanting: "Be a champion, speak up against violence!" and then raising the red card with the #ENDviolence hashtag to the camera.

Three Falconets players, namely Chinwendu Ihezuo, Rasheedat Ajibade and Sandra ChiiChii, were selected to speak on other topics condemning violence before flashing the red card to the camera.

Ihezuo picked  "Help us end violence", Ajibade chose "Each child has the right to grow up without violence”, while ChiiChii ended the filming with the message: "We support same rights for boys and girls."

The red card campaign sees footballers as role models that have powers to make the invisible, visible and end violence against children and women in every form throughout the Pacific and around the world.
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