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5 things Nigerian Men should not wear while travelling

Monday, 7 November 2016


A majority of Nigerian men like to feel comfortable while embarking on a trip and that is quite understandable. However, there are some clothing items that should certainly be a no-no no matter what.  While we at Jumia Travel are not trying to dictate what Nigerian men should  or shouldn’t wear. Here is a list of 5 things they should definitely not consider putting on.

Toe shoes

Really? Why would anyone even want to wear this to anywhere? Why would anyone think it is so critical that they show off their toes to the world? Toe shoes, minimalist running shoes with separated toes, are intended to support barefoot-style running, they are not fashion shoes and should not be worn while travelling or doing anything else really.

Boot-cut/flared jeans

No matter how old-fashioned a man you are, you should endeavour to at least stay a little stylish and go with the trends. No doubt boot-cut or flared jeans could be great for freeing up your legs and letting air in while travelling, but really, they should be left in 2003 where they belong.

Team Jersey

You love your team and you would possibly even give your life defending it. That is great, but you do not have to wear your team jersey while travelling. Nigerian men do this a lot and it is not very attractive. Actually, wearing a team jersey could even get you into trouble if you are heading to a location where your team is abhorred.

Mesh Basketball Shorts

Basketball is not as huge as football in Nigeria, yet the men in the country seem to have an obsession for the mesh basketball shorts. And the thing is, they love to wear them when they are not playing basketball. Travelling while wearing a mesh short may seem like a good idea especially if the weather is hot and you are travelling by road maybe, but it is far from appealing and gives off a lousy vibe.

Big Studded belt

Basically, big studded belts are an eyesore that should not be tolerated under any circumstances…even if you are a celebrity. Again, it could add unnecessary bling to your entire outfit and attract petty thieves to you.

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