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Malta Guinness unveils new product

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

From Gideon Arinze, Enugu

Malta Guinness has announced the launch of its new product, Malta Guinness Herbs Lite, a non-alcoholic light malt drink.

While speaking during the formal unveiling ceremony of the newest addition to the Malta Guinness drink which held in Enugu yesterday, the Managing Director of Guinness Malt Nigeria, Mr. Peter Ndegwa said that the company will continue to make more investments in products that can survive.

"Every company is going through challenging times and so, we have to seek what is capable of surviving" he said.

The product which is a combination of the finest Malt and Natural Herbs extracts contains high local contents such as Fermented flavour, Maize, Sorghum among others and 8.6 gram of suger.

While reacting to this, Mr. Ndegwa said that local contents are usually expensive but advantageous as they boost the economy, create more jobs and conserve foreign currency.

On her part, the Innovations director, Jody Samuel Ike said that the new  product was introduced to moderate what the general public consumed, especially the amount of super intake.

She expressed hope that the new product will be universally enjoyed and adored by consumer as it has been given a delicious and refreshing taste.

Malta Guinness Herbs Lite is available in 330ml Can which will be sold for 130 naira and bottle which will be sold for 120 naira.
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