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4 essential tips for travelling in October

Monday, 17 October 2016


October may be a month in the last quarter of the year, but it certainly provides excellent opportunities for travel. Aside from the fact that travelers get to deal with fewer crowds as it is off-season, most destinations experience moderate temperatures around the time and so are favorable for all kinds of visitors.

If you are looking take advantage of all that October offers and you are planning a trip, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal shares 4 essential tips for traveling in October.
Check for deals and discounts when planning your trip

Most people do not know this, but some of the best travel discounts and deals are offered in the month of October. Value – Flights, accommodation especially in hotels like Beni Gold Hotel & Apartments and Grand Ibro Hotel, entrance fees and more can be found at big discounts, even up to a 50% discount. That can mean luxury at an affordable price and a cheaper vacation.

Air travel is most reliable
Flight cancellations as result of bad weather conditions is not as common, from the month of October, especially here in Nigeria. The weather condition in October is favourable. The month features cool days and nights, also, the rains are less, so air travel is not as tedious as it could be in other months.

It is the best time for international trip
October is not a holiday season and so the ratio of foreigners to locals in most of the popular tourist attractions around the world will not be low. Thus, international travel during October, especially for tourism is best as you have a greater chance of feeling the local culture more than you would when a place is teeming with tourists.  Basically, October will allow you a slice of good weather and a slice of quiet.

Start planning your Christmas trip
October is the best month to commence planning your Christmas holiday trip. Start your research on where you want to go and which of the numerous end-of-year festivals you would want to rope into your holiday trip; contract agents if you have to, but most importantly, book your flights and hotel rooms in October as  the month is just 2 months away from December and gives you the specific amount of time you need to plan the perfect holiday.
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