Traders, buyers lament harsh economy


From Patrick Egwu, Jane Uba & Joy Anieke, Enugu

Traders and buyers at major markets in Enugu have lamented the harsh economic realities in the country occasioned by the recession which was recently announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

When our correspondents visited some of the markets in Enugu metropolis, traders and buyers were heard grumbling the bitting economic hardship they are facing.

A woman selling stock fish at Abakpa Nike Market in Enugu State, Uchechukwu Aloke said that she can no longer find joy in what she is selling as she has lost many of her customers due to high cost of stock fish in the market.

"stock fish was sold at #35,000 per carton before, but now it is sold at #58,000 per carton, the born which was also sold for #35,000 has also increased to #45,000,"she added that she sells a carton of stock fish for over one month without a profit.

Similarly, a tomato seller at Mayor market at Agbani Road, complained bitterly that she does not get enough customers anymore as a result there has been a decline in the amount of tomatoes sells per day.

"The market is not moving like before because we sell up to one basket of tomatoes per day but it is not like that again as a result of the increase in the price of rice, people no longer buy as much as before and if you call buyers to buy tomatoes , they will ask you for the rice that goes with it", she said.

A buyer at the market complained about the increase in the price of everything in the market

"I came to the market today to buy provisions for my daughter who is going back to school and my money could not buy half of the things I wrote down on my list. In every shop I go to price, they will say it is as a result of Buhari's rule which now sounds like a national anthem in the mouth of people."

In addition, a buyer in the market by name Amaka Onyema, lamented that she spent over three hours in the market pricing what she wanted to buy, adding that all the sellers turned deaf ears to any price below what they purchased the goods.

A chicken seller, noted that though there is an increase in the prices of commodities, it did not affect them much because people still buy chicken which most of them cannot do without.

However, the chicken seller complained that the inflation in the country also affects him because the price of the chicken's feed is very costly that the gain is so small when compared with what they suffer to raise the chickens, he said.

A phone accessory dealer stated that ever since he started his business that he has never experienced this type of situation which he termed 'bad market' because hardly do people look at his goods because there is no money to eat talk more of buying phone accessories.

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