Residents task ESWAMA on good service delivery

By Gideon Arinze

In recognition of the importance of a clean environment to health, residents of Enugu South Local Government have called on workers with the Enugu State Waste Management Authority to be punctual in the discharge of their duties to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

They made the call recently when Newslive reporter visited one of the refuse dump sites located in Robinson Street to ascertain the level of cleanliness.

The residents expressed displeasure with the recent attitude of the workers to duty.
One of them Emmanuel Ani, a carpenter said that the workers have been trying but for the past one month,  they have stopped coming.

"As early as 10:00am each day, they come with their truck to clear the refuse but for sometimes now,  they have not been coming," he said.

He then called on the workers to resume as according to him the wastes affects human health and makes the environment unconducive.

Another resident and a trader Mr. Law who expressed displeasure said that the situation can be attributed to the change in government.

"Under the former managing director of the organisation,Chief Dom, the workers were punctual . But now, they hardly come around," he said.

On the effects of the waste he said, " we all are human beings therefore it is not good for our health. "We hardly breathe and when rain falls, the situation becomes worst as smells permeate everywhere."

He therefore called on the workers to be active again while noting that residents also had a part to play.

"The government is making efforts to keep the environment clean. We should also play our part by adhering strictly to directives".

It was however gathered that residents pay a certain amount of money to ensure that absolute cleanliness is attained.

Reacting to this, another resident and launder said that they pay the sum of 1,200 per room and 2,400 for two rooms.

On how he feels about the situation he said: "it is very bad because the refuse dump is located right in front of my door.
On his part, Ekuma Sunday a carpenter said that the recent attitude is unprecedented.
"Before now, thy workers were dedicated to duty but of late, they have been lax".

He further explained that as furniture makers, he pays 2,000 every year to keep the environment clean.

He therefore called on the workers to resume as sanitation is very important to human health.

For Nkiru Ugwu,,a hairdresser, the waste makes the whole place unconducive as it reaks of bad smells.

She called on the government to address whatever issue might be responsible for the development as their health is at risk.

Waste poses a great challenge to public health and the environment if it is not stored properly and disposed of as and when due.

They sources called on other residents to also partner with the state government in it's drive to keep the state clean.

ESWAMA is in charge of refuse evacuation in Enugu State.

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