NMA boss advocates world class hospitals


From Jane Uba, Ogochukwu Asogwa and Joy Anieke, Enugu

President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Mike Ozovehe Ogirima, in a meeting held at Villa Toscana Hotel, Independence layout, Enugu, advocated provision of world class hospitals that would compete favourably with those in developed countries.

Speaking during the eight days Annual General Meeting of the NMA, Ogirima appealed to government to allow private sectors set up mega hospitals with high technological services. He added that the appeal is intended to provide a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to improve the health sector.

He emphasized on the risks that awaits them as doctors:

"Our roads are no more safe, because of road traffic accidents, armed robberies and numerous cases of kidnappings of our colleagues on their way out their duties at odd hours of the day of which some of them are ignored in the process," Ogirima noted.

He further advised the government to establish national emergency ambulant system along highways.

Also, he recommended that rescue system should be put in place and a nation code established for distress calls. He added that health centres should also build along major roads with adequate health personnel to work twenty-four hours a day.

"This will sustain life before the victim goes to receive an adequate health attention in a trauma centre,” he said. He recommended that trauma centres should be located in high risk places and spread across all the geopolitical zones.

Ogirima commended the federal government for the steps it has taken to address the health needs in the country, also for the appropriate salary placement of junior doctors, adding that NMC would sustain the collaborations with the government and other nongovernmental organizations.

In advising the government, He says: "The government is further advised to step up the available capacities at all levels and hospitals to absorbing our products for internship and streamline the residency programmes to only centres with resources to train specialists."

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