Mad man beats school boy to comma


From Patrick Egwu, Enugu

(Enugu, Nigeria) A mad man has escaped being lynched in Enugu yesterday after hitting a small school boy with an iron rod when he was coming back from holiday lessons.

The incident which occurred at Edinburgh roundabout popularly known as Council in Obiagu at about 1:30 pm, drew the attention of passers-by.

The mad man who met the small boy when he was going home from a lesson, was visibly angry and couldn't withstand the small boy walking in the same lane with him. He angrily used an iron rod which he picked nearby to hit the boy on the head.

The school boy whose identity was not immediately known, fell down on the ground and became unconscious.

Women around the place shouted for help and this drew the attention of the angry youths who came with different dangerous weapons and nearly lynched the mad man to death before passers-by started pleading on his behalf, that he should be spared.

The youths, after much pleading from members of the public, decided to leave him and instructed him to leave there environment immediately or else they would kill him.

The child who was still shivering and in shock, was thereafter taken to the hospital for treatment as blood was gushing out from his head.

A witness, Mr. Ben Okoro lamented that same thing happened early this year at Ogbete main market and Garki.

"A mad man nearly killed a woman at Ogbete market early this year if not because people who intervened and rescued her, she would have been killed by the violent mad man. Likewise, the same thing happened at Gariki axis. The federal and state governments should bring out a measure to control the rate of alarming violent mad people in the country before it will turn to sometime else," he said.
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