It’s time for moral re-armament

President Buhari, Nigeria
Toye Faleye

The APC-led Federal Government may have struck at what the Nigerian nation desperately needs now as it swims in debauchery and attitudinal degradation in all facets of its life. By launching “Change-Begins-with-Me,” it shows the regime of President Mohammadu Buhari is set to liberate Nigeria from the stranglehold of moral bankruptcy that has impeded its growth and development for quite some decades on.

The Nigerian nation has for long been contending with massive corruption, drug pushing, tribalism, nepotism, favouritism, religious bigotry, ethnic jingoism, and lots more, which attitudinal failure encapsulates.

The “Change-Begins-with-Me” initiative, as we were made to believe at its launch September 8, would have individuals shun ignoble attitudes and be equipped with the breastplates of integrity, honesty, patriotism and other pleasant attitudes to battle the principalities of indiscipline, improper conducts and other despicable behaviours.

How Buhari makes a success of this noble initiative, as compared to his tremendous exploit when he introduced “War Against Indiscipline” at his first shot at power way back in 1983 remains to be seeing. When he brought WAI, as it was fondly called then, he was armed with dictatorial mien worn by military leaders, wielding decrees menacingly to get things done.

But now, the environment is strikingly different. Human rights activism, democratic tenets, rule of law, social media outburst and vigorous advocacies would limit and caution him if he intends to employ the measures he adopted under WAI.

The best Buhari can do now is to sermonise through the media via his Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and National Orientation Agency (NOA), appealing to Nigerians to embrace the new line of thought.

“Change-Begins-with-Me”, as they say, begins with individuals who are ready and committed to riding on the path of moral rectitude and wear attitudes that elevate a nation. For the initiative to succeed, it must start with the leadership of the country. It must begin with Buhari himself, who already is known for his lofty and exemplary qualities. He must be fair and just. He must not favour a particular section of the country against the others.

The members of his cabinet must imbibe the spirit of the new order hook line and sinker. The National Assembly members, Buhari’s political aides, ambassadors and politicians must all be in the spirit to uphold integrity, decency, accountability and worthy conducts. No misuse of power. Profligacy, philandering, impunity, political gangsterism and brigandage must vanish never to be seeing or heard of again among our leaders. The leadership of the country of present must be upright in their execution of the regime’s programmes.

“Change-Begins-with-Me” should embrace renewal of character, a rebirth, a complete ablution that reflects total attitudinal change in all spheres. All our leaders, both in the state and at the federal levels must be ready to embrace the principles of patriotism and altruism to create a new Nigeria that all will be proud of.

This must be a time when the toga of selfishness, personal aggrandisement and dirty politicking must be shed. Let the legislators across all levels do away with free-for-all in the hallowed chambers. Let them shun irresponsible legislation, avarice and political hooliganism. Let corruption from the leadership be done away with. They must be fair, just, honourable and above board in all their dealings.

For the rest of the citizens, it’s time to sing a new song that will lift up the nation among other nations. Enough of child and drug trafficking, rape, vandalisation of government properties, economic sabotage, unfair and undue price increase of items, cyber crime, advance-fee-fraud, ritual killings and other social ills.

“Change-Begins-with-Me” is the order of the day. This is an era of moral rejuvenation. It’s time for moral re-armament as Peter Howard said of one of the thoughts of Frank Buchman in his book entitled Frank Buchman’s Secret, “…. When men change and are gripped by the fire and passion, the purity and honesty and a moral ideology, miracle happens. The foundation is laid of a new world, not on the shifting sand of corruption and compromise, but on the rock-like character of God-directed men and nation.”

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