Don’t read: Obahiagbon speaks on current economic recession

Hon. Obahiagbon

There is none like him, the former legislator Patrick Obahiagbon currently works as part of the Edo State Government. according to him:

” It’s no news that the economy of this entity(Nigeria)is in a precarious sentenza, We must halt this ludicrously lugubrious kakistism and must demur against demuren (no onomatopoeic extrapolation intended).

” The quotidian stentorian atribilous ululation is abyssopelagic. The country is on a precipice of pocalyptic crepscule, I said to my self: What an anathematous disdain of the citizenry! What a deprecable descent from the sublime to the ridiculous! Who will curb the odoriferous excesses of this machavellian and mephistophelean cabal in the Confederation?

” President Buhari ceaselessly fulminated against vagabonds in power whose primus mobile had philistinic anchorage in a depreciably mindless crave for vacuous hedonism and ingratiating political megalomania”, he concluded.

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