Aviation trends: 99% Nigerians cautious about safety - TK study


By Ayodeji Babatunde

A study on 2015 Aviation Trends conducted by Forsa Institute for Social Research and Statistical Analysis, a leading German market research and opinion polling companies has revealed a well-founded insight about the wishes of air travellers in Nigeria.

Commissioned by Turkish Airlines, the study shows that 99% of Nigerian air travellers are cautious about the safety standard of airlines when booking a mid- or long-haul flight.

The study also shows that first-class support- before, during and after the flight is essential for the success of any airline.

Out of people surveyed for travel behaviour in Nigeria, 42% have not travelled by plane at all in the last two years, 21% have taken one or two flights, 19% travelled by plane three to four times while 17% have taken flights more frequently. 61 % of those surveyed indicated that they had travelled short-haul in the past two years. 21% had taken medium-haul flights, and 32 per cent chose a long-haul flight.

Interestingly, in passenger satisfaction delays, the report revealed that 25 per cent of those surveyed were not affected by delay in the past two years. Only 12 per cent of affected travellers were very satisfied or satisfied, while a significant number of 65 per cent were less satisfied or dissatisfied.

The survey further showed that 46 per cent of the airline customers will feel very safe with a two person rule in the cockpit, 35 per cent would like a member of the police or security personnel on board of the aircraft, while 65 per cent would appreciate the possibility for air traffic controllers on the ground to intervene with what is happening in the cockpit.

The study also revealed that before flying, 84 per cent of passengers book their flights themselves online, and that 54 per cent of all the passengers surveyed who booked their flights online make use of comparison sites for price consideration, easy and clear selection of departure and arrival airport and flight times, additional information about the travel destination as well as integrated booking options.
An airline’s reputation is a crucial aspect, here 99% of all those interviewed indicated that an airline’s safety record is important for them. This figure is even higher for travellers flying more frequently, and that 100% believed that airline’s safety record is important or very important.
According to the report, 92 per cent of Nigerian travellers also appreciated established good services on board in economy class that will make them to feel comfortable.
The report also touched the positions of air passengers during the flight. Accordingly, it states that 45 per cent are opposed to the use of mobile phone call on board. The main argument against phone calls is safety reason with 90 per cent, followed by disturbances with only 51 per cent. However, 43 per cent of travellers would appreciate permission to make mobile phone calls during a flight only if the fee is within their power.

Other passengers also desire a seating comfort and good entertainment. For instance, 98% of the passenger wants to have a friendly, attentive and accessible staff. Apart from this, 97% also wants a clean cabin and lavatory while 93% also prefers wider seat spacing including economy class.

Similarly, 87% wants a screen panel in the back of the front seat, and the percentage increased to 93%, 94% for those who travel frequently or long haul. In the area of menu, airlines have to take into consideration difference among the passengers. For 82%, the choice of several menu options is important. Also, 59% would like to have a vegetarian menu, while having the choice to get meatless meals is equally important among 59% to 58% female and male travellers respectively.

Comfort is not only limited to food, 76% of the airline passengers like the possibility to obtain additional cover and pillows when requested. 72% air traveller wants free on-board headphones while 63% of those surveyed like to have a multilingual range of newspapers and magazines to read. This is about 9% increased in comparison to the previous year.

In the after flying segment, the report shows that air travellers highly cherish airline support and good services. In the cases of lost luggage, 69% of those surveyed did not experience lost luggage in the last two years. The report states that out of 31% of those who lost luggage, 13% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service of the airline, while 18% were less satisfied or dissatisfied. Apart from this, out of 30% of all surveyed passengers that had to face damage to their luggage, only 8% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service of the airline, while 22% were less satisfied or dissatisfied. Interestingly, 70% of the passenger did not experience any damage to their luggage.

In the event of luggage going missing, passengers consider it absolutely essential to have an information desk in the luggage reclaim area.

 The study shows that after touching down, 95% of all passengers surveyed believe there should be appropriate information about waiting time for entry or Customs clearance, while 93% are interested in notes about custom regulations.
Not only this, the report shows that 89% also opined that there should be speedy entry for disabled passengers with small children. Also, 88% wish to have information about how long it takes to get from the gate to the baggage reclaim. 88% consider free assistance with reclaiming luggage from the conveyor belt.

Report shows that 95% wish to get information about the latest exchange rates. It also reveals that 90% of the passengers find it important or very important to be informed about options for onward travel by taxi or public transport shortly before landing. While 86% want a pick-up by a pre-booked taxi or transport service delivery in the arrival hall. Also, 77% believe it is important or very important to be given assistance by an employee of the car hire with where they have booked a car.

About the future of air travel, the study also reveals that 68% Nigerian air travellers wish to use the internet during flight, 67% wants more seating space and more comfortable seats, 43% would like to have a sleeping compartment on long-haul flights. Other findings show that 29% surveyed like to have massage seat, almost the same in every age class. 16% of the surveyed prefers bar and the percentage of the male people is much higher in comparison to the female travellers which stand at (21% vs 5%). Also 23% of the surveyed passengers would appreciate having shower during flight.

According to Dr. Temel Kotil, CEO, Turhish Airlines, this study “will contribute to creating more diversification and innovation within the Nigerian Aviation business.”

The 2015 Aviation Trends was conducted in seven countries including; Germany, UK, USA, Japan, UAE, South Africa and Nigeria.

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