NSE chairman commends stakeholders on Apapa gridlock


The Apapa Branch Chairman of the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Taiwo Olalekan, on Sunday commended the efforts of some stakeholders to end the traffic gridlock in Apapa.

Olalekan said that the cooperation of the various stakeholders has ended the congestion around the ports, the access roads and all major roads in and out of Apapa.

He said that the collaboration between the state and local governments, tank farm owners, alongside other stakeholders, had returned sanity to the roads.

He lamented that improper planning was responsible for the previous gridlock on Apapa roads, adding that trucks parking on the highway and bridges also caused the rapid dilapidation of the roads.

Olalekan stressed the need for some training for drivers and owners of articulated vehicles to totally eliminate the problem of traffic congestion in and around Apapa.
Credit: ShipsandPorts

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