Rights Group condemns abduction of 2-year-old boy


By Patrick Egwu, Enugu

(Obudu, Cross Rivers) A rights group, the Civil Rights Realization and Actualization Network (CRRAN) has condemned the forceful invasion and collection of a 2-year old boy, Great Oleka from his mother’s residence in Obudu, Cross River State, by Mr Chibueze Oleke in collaboration with the Enugu state police command.

In a petition, the President of the group, Barr Olu Omotayo Esq, condemned police in the state for being used as a tool to torment, intimidate innocent citizens and perpetuate act capable of tarnishing the image of the command in the state.

According to the mother of the child, Ms Blessing Agim she separated from her ex husband in 2013 and since then, both of them had lived apart.

Blessing said she got married to Mr Okechukwu Chibueze Oleka and they wedded in Enugu on the 27th of October, 2012.

Prior to now, Mr Oleka had presented himself to Ms Blessing as a pastor and his mother, Dr Mrs Chioma Oleka, a lecturer at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) corroborated it.

Nigerian Newslive learnt that trouble started immediately after their wedding when Blessing realized that the man she newly got married to was not who he claimed he was but a fraudster as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) officials had come to their residence that he committed some fraudulent activities at ESUT of about N2.6 million naira. Also, other people who complained of fraud related matters about him were coming often with the police to arrest the husband.

According to Blessing, because of the whole problem, the husband left the country for Malaysia while she was pregnant, and left her under the care of his mother at her residence at Ukwa Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Blessing said after the delivery of her baby through caesarian section, her mother-in-law started maltreating her by locking her indoors and seizing her phone to prevent her from communicating with anybody.

It was further learnt that due to the excessive maltreatment that on the 24th day of October, 2013,while her mother-in-law went out, that the gateman assisted her to escape from the house and neighours at Ukwa street helped her with transport fare to go back home to her parents at Obudu, Cross River state.

She further stated that she left Dr Oleka’s residence when her son was 3 months old and since that time, she had not seen or spoken with her husband, Chibueze Oleka until she lost her mother in March 2014 and he attended the burial.

She also said that Chibueze Oleka also came around at her parent’s residence in Obudu on the 25th of July, 2014 and wanted to snatch the baby away but was resisted by her people.

Chibueze Oleka did not come back to the Agim’ Obudu residence until the 14th day of July 2016, when he came in company of policemen from the Enugu state police command to forcefully take away the boy.
Nigerian Newslive gathered that he came around 9PM, greeted the father of Blessing, Mr Samuel Agim, a retired soldier, went into Blessing’s room who was bathing in the bathroom attached to her room, he saw the little Great Oleka sleeping on the bed, grabbed the little boy and ran out of the home and the people at home were shouting as he ran with the boy into a waiting car, where the police who followed him from Enugu and two other friends were waiting as they sped off in the vehicle.

Blessing and her people ran to the police station in Obudu that night and the Divisional Police Officer in the area said his men said that policemen from Enugu came with investigation activity form but they didn’t inform him before the said policemen left.

Blessing came down to Enugu the following day, Friday 15th July, 2016, reported the matter at the Trans Ekulu police station where she was directed to the police headquarters.

It was at the police headquarters that she discovered that Chibueze Oleka and his mother; Dr Chioma Oleka had made a petition to the Commissioner of police stating that they were looking for their missing baby, hence their movement to Obudu.

In the petition titled “Appeal for urgent intervention: Forceful collection of 2 year old Great Oleka from his mother by the ex husband with the aid of policemen from D12 section, State Criminal and Investigation Department (SCID), police headquarters, Enugu”, Barr Omotayo described the action of the police as shocking, adding that “even if actually the boy was stolen, do the police just need to assist Chibueze Oleka to snatch this baby in a commando style?”, he queried.

The petition further read: “We cannot imagine the torture and agony this 2 year old boy would be passing through now. He never knew Chibueze before or Dr Chioma Oleka, who now keep the baby at her home in Independence Layout, Enugu. We submit that the police should never have been part of this horrible episode. We therefore plead with the Commissioner of Police in the name of God he serves to please ensure that this 2 year old boy is released to the mother forthwith. This is not the way or procedure to take custody of an infant. The boy is too young to undergo this agony and psychological torture. Blessing said Dr Chioma Oreka and Chibueze her son have been threatening to kill her since she came to Enugu but we know that since matter has been brought to your attention by us and other women rights group in the state, nothing will happen to her and justice will be done in respect of this matter as the circumstances of the case demands”.

However, Blessing said that Chibueze is now married to a superior police officer, Brenda Onwe, working at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Enugu and she fear that the duo might be collaborating with the police to prevent her from having custody of her child again.
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