NLC threatens govs over unpaid salaries


(Lagos, Nigeria) The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has stated that it will tackle state governors over non-payment and cuts in the salaries of workers in some states.

The NLC President, Mr Ayuba Wabba said that the congress would meet with all its state councils to encourage them to respond effectively to some of the challenges in the states.

”We may declare a state of emergency in the area of non-payment of salaries and we are going to have a meeting with all our state councils to respond effectively to some of these challenges. We want to take stock of exactly what the issues are and we will also put appropriate employers on notice.

We will declare a state of emergency because workers should not be made to bear the brunt of the challenges because they are not responsible. ‘When the economy was good they did not enjoy, now that there is a challenge, they are the worst-hit, it should not be so; these are our arguments,” he said.

”But when they are taking such decisions, they also have to be very balanced in taking such decision, it should not only apply to workers.

Political office holders are still collecting their money even though they are proposing the reduction; they are still collecting the security vote we are talking about and they are still issuing bogus contracts,” he added.

Wabba said most countries that had experienced economy recession, had to take all interests into consideration before deciding to either cut salaries or stop payment of workers. He explained that salaries were not an allocation to workers, but remunerations earned in line with international best practices and in consonance with Convention 138 of the International Labour Organisation.

He advised state governors not to cut or stop payment of salaries due to economic recession but rather fashion out ways of generating funds for their states.

The NLC president also noted that some governors were proposing to sack workers. He warned that such decision might lead to social instability and serious social consequences and vices in the states.

”Already, we have written a very strong letter and we are proposing also to engage these governors to see how best we can look at this issue.”

He advised state governors to ensure that they engaged with workers in a social dialogue before making any hash decision that would not be beneficial to the workers or move such states forward.
Credit: NAN

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